Monday, January 31, 2011

dust of snow

A friend of mine, a fellow fan of the poetry of Robert Frost, challenged me to make an etegami illustrating Frost's poem "Dust of Snow." I tried one thing after another, and finally had to be satisfied with this etegami collage.

It shows a man's winter cap dusted with snow. I painted the cap on a washi postcard in the traditional Etegami manner, then cut it out and glued it to a sheet of paper which I'd printed all over with the words of the poem in very small blue type. The bold black words were typed over a different sheet of paper which I'd printed all over in very small pink type. Then I cut the bold black words out for gluing onto the card. I kind of like the effect, but you may feel it makes the card look too busy.

Here's a different sort of attempt, a straight etegami with the crow taking center stage. The words are written in the large, blotchy letters typically produced by a bamboo dip pen. The awkwardness of this one has a sort of appeal too.

Which do you prefer?


  1. Both great, it is good to push the boundaries a bit, what do your Japanese etegami friends think? Carole

  2. Wow Debbie! You're amazing!

    Nice to see how a simple comment can spur such creativity. I really like them both (the hat reminds me of Bruce -- does he have one like that?) But I'm leaning towards the crow as it depicts how I would envision the poem.

    Doreen really likes the crow since she felt an affinity for one particular handicapped crow that lived for several years around the Tsukisamu Shogakko grounds.

    Thanks for making my day!


  3. I love the second etegami, the blotchy letters as the background gives a strong appeal!