Monday, January 3, 2011

rabbits galore

This is one of the many etegami I painted as a New Year's card for 2011 Year of the Rabbit. The words accompanying this solemn-faced rabbit are a Hausa proverb.

Here's one for people who prefer cute bunnies.

The inspiration for these simple bunnies comes from the bunny-shaped confections that become popular in Japan during rabbit years. I'm planning to post a recipe for these usagi manju later this month on my Wagashi blog.

I also did a bunch of etegami collages. This one was inspired by the lunar eclipse. Whereas Americans refer to "the man in the moon," in Japan, we see a rabbit pounding sticky rice with a mallet. I imagined the over-worked rabbit taking the eclipse as an opportunity to take a brief break. I thought of hanging a sign on the darkened moon with the words "gone fishing," or "out to lunch," but in the end I just labeled it "lunar eclipse" to limit clutter.

Here are some of the other collages I made by gluing etegami rabbits to backgrounds of colored washi, a page from an antique book of singing poems, or pieces torn from an old Japanese-English dictionary. Due to the rabbit-in-the-moon tradition, rabbits and the moon make a natural combination in Japanese art.


  1. Wonderful collection of bunnies, the first is especially nice! :o)

  2. That first guy definitely has 'attitOOd! :)

  3. Year of the rabbit has such a nice sound to it, I was born in the year of the rat. O.o Lovely illos Deb.

  4. Cute bunnies have arrived at my REAL wall towers! Yay! Going upo shortly. Love them love them love them!

  5. Thanks for your comments, I love Love love your rabbits .......and yes < i do like cute ones......Great blog and art.

  6. Félicitation pour ce travail que je découvre par hasard