Thursday, September 23, 2010

issa's cows

Haiku inspires many of my etegami. The poems of Matsuo Basho are favorites of mine. But he doesn't mention cows very much, and after my recent purple cow post, I was itching to draw more cows. You know who mentions cows time and time again? The haiku poet Kobayashi Issa. This fact was recently brought to my attention by @Cow Lady when she sent me this link. I took up the challenge and, although I didn't necessarily use the translations provided on that page, I tried my hand at illustrating some of Issa's cow haiku with etegami collages.

In my next post, I'll show you some etegami I did that were inspired by cow proverbs. heh heh. Can you tell I'm having fun?


  1. How cute! I especially liked the bee-cow.

    Your fun overflows in this post. :D

  2. the inspiration of cows knows no bounds. Terrific etegami.

  3. Lovely!
    I've just found you and your blogs. Too bad... I was in Hokkaido last month.

  4. You draw good cows :). I don't think I've ever drawn one - another thing to add to my ever growing list! Happy weekend Deborah.

  5. You make life (and art) fun, Debbie. Love these!

  6. I love cows and you render them so beautifully, and dolefully, here!

  7. Debbie , I have written a comment but wasn`t successful publishing it. I`m trying again. I love all your cow etegami paintings, They brought back my childhood memories. My family used to spend summer holidays in the village that was about 50 km from Cracow- my home town. The farmers, where we stayed had farm nimals. I had my favourite cow and a calf too. I learnt how to milk a cow and did it whenever the farm woman let me do it. I loved fresh, warm milk . Debbie, you switched on my mind towards childhood memories- my favourite goose, a horse and a village cat.... I have to paint them one day. We have Polish proverbs and sayings with the cow. I will try to use them in etegami for you :) Thanks for sharing

    1. Yes! Please paint your proverbs. I often paint proverb etegami. It makes a nice series.