Tuesday, January 26, 2016

oops. ran out of sumi ink

I ran out of sumi ink. So today I used a white gel pen to outline the images of some new etegami, and to write the accompanying words. When I painted over the white lines with gansai paints, the lines repelled the gansai and showed bright and clear through the colors in a sort of negative version of traditional etegami. What do you think? I broke a lot of etegami "rules", but I kind of like the results.


  1. I like the results. Rule breakers rule! How else do we learn new stuff?

    1. Yeah... but the purpose of this blog is to explain what etegami is-- and what distinguishes it from other kinds of art. So if I keep breaking the rules, I spoil the purpose of the blog! (sigh) I hope my readers can tell my orthodox etegami apart from my irrepressible experimentation with non-orthodox etegami.

  2. Rule breakers make the artist. ;-)

  3. I like it too!
    Change is good as an option.

  4. I like the results, too. The reverse effect of the white outlines is stunning.