Thursday, January 14, 2016

floundering wordplay

I first got into painting flounders when I was trying to come up with an etegami for a friend going through a rough patch in life. And, as you know by now, I have a great weakness for wordplay. The fun thing about flounders is that they suit wordplay in both English and Japanese.

The English wordplay in the etegami at the top of the post needs no explanation. In Japanese, the word for flounder is hirame (literally: flat eyes). Twitch it just a little, and it becomes hirameki, the word for inspiration. In the Japanese etegami directly above, I stretched the wordplay to include words that rhyme with hirameki. In fact, the lines were taken from random stanzas of a very jolly song written by someone I only know as BYO, for a group I only know as A.F.R.O.  I don't even know what they look like.

Translated into English, the words on the card say: Turn inspiration (hirameki) into excitement (tokimeki); turn inspiration (hirameki) into brilliance (kagayaki); turn inspiration (hirameki) into commotion (zawameki); turn inspiration (hirameki) into surprise (odoroki).  I'm tempted to use this etegami as my logo.


  1. I think it would be a great logo for you. You are inspiration for me and many others!

  2. ヒラメキ、トキメキ、驚き、ざわめき、素敵な言葉の連続ですね。I love this!
    ヤナギダトモコ from 美園

  3. ヒラメキ、トキメキ、ざわめき、輝き、驚き、素敵な言葉の連続ですね。
    I love how you put these words together!
    Tomoko from Misono Sapporo