Saturday, January 16, 2016

going green

Sure, snowscape can be breathtakingly beautiful. But 5~6 months of it is a bit much. By the end of January, my eyes and heart are starved for green. I can't decorate my home with potted plants because my husband's allergist forbids it. So I've been making rich green broccoli or spinach soups from frozen veggies, and re-reading Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham. But when all's said and done,  painting green etegami is the best medicine for what ails me.

The idea for a tea ceremony etegami came to me when a friend mentioned how much her daughter loves green tea. The words were inspired by the tea master Sen no Rikyu.  The model for the fern etegami is my own backyard, and the inspiration for it is my own longing to see the resurrection of the ostrich ferns that congregate exuberantly in the shade of our maple trees.

I figure the more green the better, so I dug out another green etegami from my archives. May I present the Galaxy Kiwi Fruit inspired by Star Wars.


  1. Excellent etegami, specially the ferns

  2. Most of all green is so optimistic.
    You are so inspired!

  3. Very clever word play and so beautiful work!

  4. Your ostrich ferns we call fiddleheads in Canada. Your words however extend all boundaries; "prepare for the unfurling" is such great sentiment come mid-winter.

    1. Hi Shannon, thanks for "getting" my etegami. Fiddleheads are the tightly curled heads of the ostrich fern, I think. Do you call the unfurled (opened up) ferns fiddleheads too?