Tuesday, May 5, 2015

life in the 19th century (mail art call)

A momentous event happened in mid-19th century Japan. The Tokugawa (Edo) government, which had controlled Japan with an iron hand for 250 years, crashed and gave way to a new government brought about by the Meiji Restoration. The accompanying changes, including a new openness to western culture, must have seemed drastic and strange to the ordinary person at the time. Suddenly, choosing footwear was more complicated than it had ever been before....

I painted this as my submission to an Italy-based mail art call on the theme "Life in the 19th Century," and YOU are invited to participate too. I copied and pasted the following details from the event's Facebook page:

Artists from all over the world are invited to participate in this International Mail Art Project organised by the Faenza’s Watercolourists Association. Everyone is welcome to participate, all ages and skill levels. An exhibition of the received works will have place in Faenza, Italy, during the first days of November 2015 for the yearly St. Rocco fair of the city . All the works will be exhibited online in a special album posted in the event too and later there will be also pictures taken at the exhibition.
Theme: “Life in the XIX century” (years 1800/1899)
Size: Postcard (10 x 15 cm)
Technique: Free (watercolour, painting, drawing, collage and so on)
Rules: No jury, no fees, no return of the works, only original works, no copies. It is up to the artist to send in envelope or not, only 1 piece for each artist.
Deadline: Works must arrive by the 1st of October 2015.
Please clearly indicate name, address and email address on the back of the card.
Send your card to:

Associazione Acquerellisti Faentini
c/o Silvano Drei
Via Portisano 46
48018 Faenza (RA)


  1. Debbie-You always see the most un-obvious things that are so obvious. What a beautiful contrast of traditions in footwear. Perfect!

  2. Debbie, Who else would have thought about the footwear? This is great!!! 😊

  3. Wow! Great insight and one that will have my feet cringing all day. I love the art of this period of time…East and West dancing with each other. The visual beauty that came out of this time period was always what I thought about. Can't even imagine how people would want to make the footwear switch. I suppose novelty and prestige make up for discomfort…. some things never change.

  4. Great etegami! You still have plenty of time for more... :-)

  5. Again, we learn something new thanks to your etegami and your explications ! Thank you Debbie !