Tuesday, June 4, 2013

the gentle-hearted loquat

Yesterday I received a rare and precious visit from a friend who is originally from Hokkaido but now lives in distant Yokohama. Among the many gifts she brought me from Yokohama was a pack of loquats (biwa), that small, oval, downy-skinned fruit with huge seeds and a very mild flavor with subtle hints of apricots or peaches. My friend made me solemnly promise not to eat the loquats until I had painted them. So I had to wait till today, but I've done my duty, and the loquats are no more.

The Japanese writing is the first line of a children's song titled "Biwa."  Biwa are a gentle-hearted fruit/ that's why they hug one another in clusters as they ripen/ in the shade of rainbow-tinted leaves that are like donkey's ears.


  1. After seeing this lovely etegami I am more kindly disposed to loquats. We have a tree but I have never really harvested it because the fruit seems all pip. The roundness and colour in your painting makes me want to try them though.

  2. Your drawing, the words of the Children's Song and the gift from your friend of the *Biwa* made me smile and brought tears too....it is all so beautiful...

    Thank you for another exquisite post!

    BIG Hugs from San Francisco,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. All beautiful: art, description, sentiment... thank you!

  4. The paints came out luscious. Wonderfuo - from someone who also doesn't warm up naturally to the messy fruits.