Saturday, June 8, 2013

illustration friday (children)

A rubber-soled, cheap canvas shoe that anyone living in Japan immediately recognizes as the type children use as indoor footwear while at school. The red-rubber tip indicates that its missing owner was a girl. The style and size tell us it was probably worn by a very young child, attending kindergarten or early elementary school. The child most likely came from a rural area where old basics like this are more readily available than trendier styles printed with popular anime characters.

The shoe is soaked with sea water. It was the only thing the tsunami left behind when it took the child. The words translate roughly to: What the tsunami left behind.

This is a re-post from my earthquake/tsunami series that I painted to mourn the lives and livelihoods that were lost in the triple disaster of March 11, 2011 (Japan).


  1. So much to read and to feel in this print. Very moving.

  2. I was thinking that your painting is very sweet, and made me think of childhood -- until I got to the end of your description and realized what this piece is really about. More poignant for reminding us about children first. Great post!

  3. Really great post - very emotional image and writing