Tuesday, September 4, 2012

glorious summer vegetables



more tomatoes


goya (bitter melon)

kabocha (Japanese pumpkin, top) and misc. veggies

corn on the cob

legumes (top) bell peppers (bottom)
In honor of summer's end, I selected some charming examples of traditional etegami from the pages of the September issue of Gekkan Etegami (the Japan Etegami Society's official magazine). These were painted and submitted by Society members throughout this summer.  I, as you know, spent most of the summer experimenting with new inks and painting styles. But when I saw these pictures, I fell in love all over again with good old traditional etegami.


  1. Oh wow! These are absolutely beautiful! I am just awed but the beauty of their simplicity.

  2. What a fantastic collection. This has the same effect on me that colorful seed packets have. I want to go outside and plant all these beautiful vegetables. Too late. I guess I'll just have to buy some.

  3. Hi, Debbie,
    All wonderful and so charming!! Also, each etegami has a precious message. Thank you for sharing.
    Best wishes, Sadami

  4. A visual feast, thanks for posting and reinforcing the spirit of etegami.

  5. Ahhhhhhh!!!! Love these!!! Is it possible for me to subscribe to that newsletter Debbie?

    1. Margie, it wouldn't be worth it for you to subscribe to Gekkan Etegami. It is very expensive and most of it is (Japanese) words, not pictures. But I've been thinking for a long time about publishing a monthly newsletter devoted to Etegami. I could include summaries of articles from Gekkan Etegami, so maybe that will suit you better?

  6. Simply gorgeous! I enjoyed them as whole pages first, with the unifying colors and shapes, and then examined them individually...such talented folks!