Thursday, August 2, 2012

the blue period

Fog Cat

 I can't remember when blue wasn't my absolutely favorite color. And blue goes so well with poetry, don't you think?

The first two etegami posted here were experiments with watercolor inks and watercolor paper--materials I am not at all familiar with, as strange as that may sound to you. They are rare examples of the image coming to me before the words do. But as soon as I finished painting the cat, I just knew that it was the Fog Cat from the Carl Sandburg poem Fog.

Blue Pigeon

The words quoted on the blue pigeon etegami are from the poem Japanese Lullaby by Eugene Field.

Santoka's Owl
The barred owl was done in the traditional etegami manner, with my trusty and true sumi ink, gansai paints, and washi paper, as suits the classic Taneda Santoka haiku. All the originals are for sale on my Etsy shop.


  1. Hi Debbie
    How are you? Hey, love the intensity in the eyes of the cat! And the bird is gorgeous.


  2. Beautiful...I love blue too. And cats. And birds. And your etegami.

  3. I love the blue tints in these etagami! The cat one is particularly wonderful, i love that quote from Sandburg

  4. Think the experimenting is coming out really well - great washes of color going on here.

  5. The blue tints are wonderful, and you really capture something special in each one.

  6. Love, love love fog cat, the way the blues work with the black outlining. Great job with watercolors Debbie!

  7. Blue is my favorite color as well, all shades of it. It's so very calming.

    I love all of these!

  8. Watercolors are working for you! Love the color and what you did with each of these, especially the cat. Really liking your "lonely" post too.

  9. Your blue period is your best yet! Nice saturation and wash.