Friday, October 14, 2011

reminder: etegami call "breakfast"

Submissions to the Breakfast Etegami Call are starting to come in, but in case you missed my invitation, please check for details on this post. The deadline is November 30, so you have plenty of time. Submissions will be posted here on this blog on December 1.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of breakfast etegami that I painted this week. A bowl of cold cereal with milk (left) is a typical hot-weather breakfast for me. Or, if I have any over-ripe fruit sitting around, I might blend myself a yogurt shake (top).

Cold-weather breakfasts are an entirely different matter. I get ravenous in cold weather. I'll see what cold-weather breakfast etegami I can come up with in the next few weeks and post them as further reminders that I look forward eagerly to seeing your breakfast etegami!


  1. Kawaii! If I paint one, can I scan it or do you need me to send it by post?

  2. @Cheryl, send it either way. It'd be great if you could participate! The rules and relevant info for submissions are in the original post. Please read them carefully, and if you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

  3. I just saw your art on postcrossing and I love it! The drawings are fantastic... You are doing a great work and please never leave it.
    Greetings from Istanbul,Turkey
    yasemin (user:kermit on postcrossing)

  4. Debbie, a while back you mentioned some e-tegami postcards you had found in Japan that had a nice bleeding effect and I think you also had some of those to sell. I am going to Japan soon and would like to purchase the cards you recommend. Is it possible for you to post a photo of the package so I will know what I am looking for?

    Thanks for your help.

    Linda Bachrach

  5. @Linda, Here are photos of the two brands I recommend:


    The Hakuryu brand is my favorite, but they are not sold in stores in Hokkaido and have to be specially ordered from the maker. They may be easier to find in Tokyo, though.

    The Shinano brand is also good. I order them through the Japan Etegami Society, but you should be able to find these in stationery/art supply stores, especially in Tokyo.

  6. Thanks so much Debbie. I will look in Kyoto this time and in Tokyo in May.

  7. The idea of the shake using up over-rip fruits is a great idea. Nice pieces as always Debbie. Happy Weekend, Ev

  8. Awesome idea and love your work, I loved taking part!! :)