Sunday, October 2, 2011

etegami call "breakfast"

Some of you may remember that I used to post fairly regularly about Etegami Magazine, a monthly publication from the Japan Etegami Association. Membership is a bit pricey, and I had to let my subscription expire at the end of the first year. Recently, I decided to treat myself to another year of the magazine, and was thrilled when the first issue arrived yesterday. One feature that immediately caught my eye was a collection of etegami on the theme of "breakfast."

Some of the breakfasts were planned around a bowl of rice (top), others were planned around bread (left). My Japanese acquaintances often ask me if I'm a "bread breakfast person" or a "rice breakfast person," and are a bit startled when I explain that my breakfasts don't fit their tidy categories.

I'm curious what you, my dear readers, ate for breakfast this morning. And as it's been such a long while since I put out a call for etegami, I thought this might be a good topic to try out. What do you think? It should be fun!

These are the rules:

1. Submit an etegami on the subject of breakfast. You may send it by post or by email attachment (jpg file). My postal address is at the top of my mailart gallery blog, and my email address is on my profile.

2. Submissions must be postcard size: approximately 10 cm x 15 cm (roughly 4 x 6 inches).

3. Any medium is allowed. It doesn't have to be watercolor on washi.

4. To qualify as etegami, it must have words on it.

5. Submissions must reach me by November 30, 2011 (Japan time) at the latest, in order to be posted on my blog on December 1.

Submitted etegami will not be returned, and there will be no judging or awards. It is not a contest. I will, however, try reply to your submission with an etegami of my own, as I always do when anyone sends me etegami.

Ask me questions if you are confused about any aspect of this etegami call. I'm looking forward to lots of submissions! Have fun!


  1. I remember my breakfasts in Japan fondly. Great to get up to a table of lovely ceramic bowls, with yummy food.

  2. This sounds fun. I tried my hand at one today and scanned it. How do I send a jpg?

  3. @Momo, So glad you can participate! Just send an email like you would usually, except click "attach file" and chose the jpg file you want to send to me. It will upload and attach to the email message. Why don't you put "Etegami Call" for the title of your email, so that I know it's not spam.

  4. I love this idea! And breakfast too!
    I hope I can be confident enough to participate.

  5. @judith, I sincerely hope you participate. Nothing bad can happen from participating, and imagine what fun it will be to see how people from different countries and cultures and different styles of art depict what they eat for breakfast!

  6. My daughter and I are going to do this, yay! You wouldn't believe what a hit your beautiful etegami was here sans fabulous Hello Kitty stamps.

  7. Hi Debbie, can you put out another etegami call out? I'd love to participate!! :)

  8. @rarified, the "breakfast" etegami call is in effect until Nov.30. You have plenty of time to submit something. I look forward to seeing your etegami!

  9. Sadly the porridge I've been eating isn't a very exciting subject but I'm always looking for ideas so I'll give it a shot!

  10. @Lisa, if I can make an etegami out of a bowl of Cheerios, you can do the same with Porridge. LOL