Sunday, July 11, 2010

illustration friday (diary)

This week's IF topic brings to mind the series of etegami that I did to record the growth of my strawberry plant last year.

1: The day the strawberry seedling arrived at my house.
2: The day temperatures plummeted and I thought I had lost my plant to frostbite.
3: The day my plant revived and began to grow vigorously.
4. The day I noticed the first sign of fruit.
5: The day I harvested the first ripe strawberry.
6: The day I used the first strawberry as a filling for Ichigo Daiguku, a delicious, traditional Japanese confection.

The original post is here: My Strawberry Diary.


  1. thank you, Dosankodebbie :) sorry... that was the first image that crossed my mind! ow, and your illustration is beautiful!

  2. This is a wonderful diary entry!!

  3. A lovely illustration of 'diary' and I hadn't heard of etegami before, so thank you for stopping by my blog and starting me on the path to finding out!
    I am really thrilled to have found your blogs... the Ainu, mochi recipes (I lived in Yamaguchi-ken for one year and I miss mochi!), mail art... amazing! My husband wrote a paper on the Ainu back while we were in university in Canada. It was a term paper for an aboriginal studies class (he was studying this and Japanese) and I know he had some trouble finding information at the time. If only we had known about you then! The main source that he found that he liked was a French translation of a book by Tsushima Yuko called 'Tombent tombent les gouttes d'argent' in French. He tried his best to present his research in a way that tried to give voice to Ainu stories and perceptions, rather than giving a lot of outside analysis.
    Anyway, it's great to have found you... I am really looking forward to reading through your various blogs!

  4. amba, studio lolo, jodi: Thank you for the kind and encouraging comments! I have found inspiration in your creative interpretations of the IF topics.

    jodi, We certainly seem to share a lot of interests and experiences. I'm glad we've found each other too.

  5. I really like your art work and hope that it will inspire me to try some. To that end, I'm following your blog.
    I found your name on sendsomething even though you're taking a break.

  6. Welcome, Sarala! Nice to meet you. I'm sure glad I didn't delete my SS profile. :D