Friday, July 23, 2010

hydrangea etegami garden

Remember the etegami tulip mini-exhibit I posted in May? I promised you a hydrangea etegami exhibit in mid-summer, and here it is. Hydrangea are generally considered much harder to draw than tulips. Even so, I was able to persuade a few new people to contribute, so we have a nice diversity of style and materials for this exhibit. Maybe they will motivate more of you to contribute to the next one. How about mid-autumn, on the topic of Cosmos flowers? I'll get back to you about this as the time approaches.

Contributing artists (from the top grouping, starting at top left corner and moving clockwise):
1. Ogawa Yoko, dosankodebbie, dosankodebbie, Nakagawa Ryoko
2. Nakagawa Ryoko, Shimizu Michiko, dosankodebbie (haiku contributed for this exhibit by Aki Gibbons), Kushida Yukio
3. dosankodebbie, (haiku contributed for this exhibit by Aki Gibbons) Shimizu Michiko, dosankodebbie
4. Linda Austin, dosankodebbie, Shimizu Michiko
5. Nakamura Takako


  1. These pieces are each incredibly beautiful. Almost weepingly beautiful.

  2. Debbie-san,
    I have been following and enjoying your blogs very, very much... today I could not resist commenting as this collection of hydrangea cards is too spectacular NOT to cheer about. SUBARASHII.

    Oh how I wish they could be reproduced as a set, for sale, that one (I!!) could purchase... But I shall revisit them here on your blog.

    Thanks for all of the beauty that you share with us,
    Trixie (Ann in northern California)