Monday, April 13, 2015

raising etegami chickens

My sister and her husband have been building an earthship in rural Colorado. If you've never heard of an earthship, make sure you google the word or click the link above.  Everything about their home and style of living fascinates me. Now they have started raising chickens-- one step toward a delightful collection of livestock that she dreams of raising on their property.

The chickens shown here are actually someone else's chickens, but I hope to paint hers too one of these days. This is as close as I will ever get to raising chickens myself. I'm planning to print up a bunch of these etegami before adding any words, so that I can add words later--to the prints-- in the language and sentiment suited to each recipient. The originals will eventually get mailed too, or listed on my Etsy shop.


  1. Earthship is such a nice concept. They still have problems with moisture for most of them by what I heard but it's the future.
    Good luck to your sister.
    I am in the same stage as you as far as raising chicken... we tried to in Arizona but never were allowed to where we lived.

  2. Love those chickens and learning about earth ships. I appreciate that when I visit your blog I not only see beautiful art, but also learn things that make me smile.

  3. Debbie I learned a new word today, earthship! This is so wonderful and I love your chicken art!!

  4. Hello, I love the chickens, very cute. I like the idea of the earthship.