Wednesday, January 28, 2015

lily bulb recipes published

The first set of the illustrated recipes I was asked to create for the Japan Times ST was published as a center spread this week. The theme of this set is  yuri-ne (lily bulb, also called lily root), which I used as the main ingredient for a soup, an appetizer, a main dish, and even a dessert!

Hokkaido produces over 95% of Japan's lily bulbs, most of which get sent south to Kyoto where they are used in classical Japanese cuisine.

Fresh lily bulbs are creamy white, and look like slightly-flattened heads of garlic. They have a delicate, mildly sweet flavor, and are crunchy when raw and silky-creamy when cooked. In classical Japanese cooking, the segments are separated, then steamed or boiled. I recently tried the very non-traditional method of roasting them whole in the oven, which intensified their flavor and texture, and was practically swept off my feet by their yumminess. Check out this link to read more about yuri-ne.

My next set of illustrated recipes will be published in April. Stay tuned!


  1. Something to be really proud about! I didn't even know lily bulbs could be eaten!

  2. Congratulations !! And thank you for the information.

  3. Deborah! This is amazing! I love it. I gotta tell Salli. Yay for you