Friday, June 13, 2014

the bird, the bell, and me (misuzu kaneko series #5)

The Bird, The Bell, And Me
by Misuzu Kaneko
translated and illustrated by dosankodebbie

Though I hold out my arms as wide as I can,
I can never soar the skies;
A little bird can do just that,
yet not run as fast as I can.

Though I jiggle my body from head to toe,
I can't make pretty sounds;
A tinkling bell can do just that,
yet not know as many songs as I do.

The bell, the bird, and then there's me;
each of us different, and each of us good.


  1. I really enjoyed that poem ( and your art ). Poetry forces us to think, which is always good. Poetry is another kind of music.

  2. Music for the eyes and for the heart.

  3. this poem begs for etegmi, doesn't it?

  4. That's s beautiful poem. So simple and so profound.