Sunday, April 13, 2014

more bookish inspiration

You know by now, how often my etegami are inspired by the books I read.  And as much as I love rereading the classics (I'm now rediscovering the Complete Words of Charles Dickens),  I also like being introduced to new authors.

A few weeks ago, a journalist friend of mine recommended All That I Am by Anna Funder, so I immediately downloaded the book onto my Kindle.

From the very first page, I knew I had entered waters too deep for me. I struggled through half of the book before I finally became absorbed enough in the story to forget the passing of time. Yet, to my own surprise, long before I started enjoying the book, I had highlighted over a dozen passages that had leaped out at me and begged to be made into etegami. This is one of them. In time, I'm hoping to do justice to the rest.


  1. So glad to read of another Dickens fan. I reread A Christmas Carol recently, and was struck by the real elegance and wit of Dickens' prose. Have you made any work around his writing?

    1. Not yet. But I have notebooks filled with passages that I hope to illustrate in the coming months. : )