Saturday, February 15, 2014

art from the refrigerator

The sun came out a few times last week and really lifted my spirits. I started painting a yuzu fruit and imagined that the sun would taste like this (tart and bitter at the same time), but I added too much orange color for it to be a yuzu. Maybe it wanted to be a mikan. In any case, I felt like breaking the etegami standard of outlining the whole image in sumi ink. I wanted the fruit to have the feel of sunshine-- just glowing and spreading and infecting its surroundings with warmth.

Then today, as I was eating my daily apple and thinking about Snow White and about curses and temptations, I stumbled across this quote from a memo by Emily Dickinson.


  1. Oooo, love these and how different they look from each other. I like the "peach" is unlined, but the leaf is. Striking actually.

  2. Beautiful etegami, specially the first one, I like the glow!

  3. Loving your art!!! These are precious. I am especially attracted to the yuzu fruit.