Friday, March 1, 2013

working as a team

A School of Herring (etegami collage)
In my pursuit of Etegami, I've had the pleasure of supporting and being supported by artists and crafters in all fields. Some of this interaction is organized, and much is not.

I've frequently mentioned the "Group of Four," an oddly nick-named group of etegami artists in Sapporo that I meet with once a month. When my enthusiasm for experimentation takes me too far from my orthodox etegami roots (which happens a lot these days), they are the ones who gently remind me what makes Etegami etegami, and not graphic arts, illustration, western-style watercolor, or even sumi-e and haiga. I confess that I continue to experiment (the collage above, for example), but I do it with one hand grasping the end of a safety line that is firmly anchored to traditional etegami.

I am also a member of the Japan Etsy Team, a group of Esty shop owners who either work from Japan or have strong ties here. The team has a blog as well as a Facebook page. This month, a fellow Japan Etsian, Erinn from Off on a Whim Jewelry, honored me by featuring my work in her monthly newsletter. You can sign up for her free newsletter by going to her blog.


  1. Its nice to have a rock to return to -- an anchor in tradition but it's the interpretation and reinterpretation of your curiosity and creativity that fascinates.

  2. Congrats on being chosen on the Etsy group, as far as the Etegami Fun Club Facebook group goes, I think the horse has bolted :).

  3. ... and such a nice reminder for all of us...

  4. Those fish are lovely, you've shaded them beautifully.

    It's always good to have a group of supportive collaborators...

  5. Interesting Debbie. I enjoy these post when you talk about staying "true" to the form. I love all of them that you do.