Thursday, March 21, 2013

where is spring?

We're still buried under snow and it's not likely to go away for at least another month. But spring has come to the grocery stores. A friend came calling a few days ago, bringing strawberries. It was a lovely visit. And the strawberries smelled like spring.


  1. As long as there is hope there is Life :-)

  2. おーでかい、いちご。北海道は、なんでもでかい?

  3. NICE strawberries! the grocery stores are always the first to know these things...

  4. Mmmm. your lovely etegami berries say "spring," regardless of the weather! Sending you some "virtual" sunshine from so. California! :o)

  5. Snow, snow, go away.
    White be gone.
    Green please come and stay.
    Keep warm. :)
    Love your strawberries.

  6. Nothing says Spring like the gorgeous colour and enchanting taste of Strawberries!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Yikes, I didn't think you would be out from under all that snow yet. Sigh. Thank goodness for the timely arrival of the strawberries!

  8. lovely etegami and I love the scent of strawberries, but it's a while before we'll get Scottish strawberries....

  9. You have set American artists on fire with your etegami spark! I practiced sumi-e for years. I never mastered it, but I want to learn etegami the proper way. Learning on my own is fun but being part of a community has to be better. Thank you for awakening my interest.

    I am practicing. I know that I like it enough to be addicted to want a stamp with my name. Any recommendations on how to find a calligrapher?


    1. Limner, thank you for your comment. Sumi-e is something you seek to master, Etegami is not. That's the whole point of etegami. You do not want to find a calligrapher, and you do not want to master calligraphy for the purpose of doing etegami. All of that will ruin the spontaneity of Etegami. Etegami should have the fresh awkwardness of a beginner, even after you are no longer a beginner. Does this make sense to you at all? Would you like to sign up for the newsletter that I try to put out once a month? If so, please send your name and email address to dosankodebbie at yahoo dot co dot jp

  10. I love Spring, strawberries & refreshing conversation! Not to mention your ever-fresh etegami!