Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the call won't come, i won't be the one

I Told Me So

I know, I know
I won't get my wish
The call won't come
I won't be the one.
Just sit back and sigh
As more chances go by --
See?  I told me so.

No hopes to dash
No hills to climb
No dreams to break
No chance to fail
No pain, no crying
Much easier than trying.
See?  I told me so.

I'm always right
So rarely wrong
No use stringing
My hopes along
No sweat, no strain
No fret, no pain
Just wait -- wait --
Wait --
Till it's too late.

Ha!  I told me so.

(This is a tongue-in-cheek poem by Vicki Patschke, written to poke fun at herself. But I was moved by it, as I am with all her poems. To see more of our etegami-poem collaborations click here and here)


  1. fantastic collaboration!!!!!!!!!
    ~Stephanie (I'm related to these two gifted people)

  2. The poem and picture are beautifully matched.

  3. Hehehe. I love the phone and I somehow relate to the poem now and then. I am glad there are smiles as we read it.

  4. The photo and the poem surely put a smile om my face. Superb collaboration. Well done.