Thursday, February 9, 2012

the etegami train project

What began as a project to re-charge a struggling rural railway is now in its 6th year. Called the "Etegami Train," it is a yearly call for etegami from all over Japan, though submissions from overseas are also welcome. This year's call is for etegami reflecting one of the following three themes: (1) encouragement for the victims of the March 11 Earthquake/Tsunami disasters (2) promotion of tourism to destinations in Gunma prefecture (3) promotion of the Etegami Train project.

Submissions must arrive by February 20, 2012. They will be displayed in the Joshin Railway train car for six months beginning March 1, 2012. The photo above shows last year's Etegami Train exhibit. If you go the the Joshin Railways link and scroll to the bottom, you should be able to see a slideshow of last year's submissions. (I don't know how long the link will work.)

After the Etegami Train exhibit is over, the submitted artwork will be displayed in local community centers and retirement homes. Submissions must be sent in an envelope and accompanied by an un-used 80-yen postage stamp. (Although they don't provide this info, I'm assuming that if you are submitting from overseas, you will need to enclose an un-used 110-yen stamp.)

There is very little time left, but if you wish to participate, send your etegami to the following address:

Kazuko Inoue
Tomioka 1413-7
Gunma-ken, 370-2316 Japan

Although some exceptions are allowed, I recommend that you stick to submissions that are ordinary postcard size (approx 4 x 6 inches). I'm sorry this information is so late. Remind me to tell you about this project next year, so you will have more time to prepare for it.


  1. Hi,Debbie,
    What a wonderful idea and so sweet! I really hopo this event will help.

  2. Such a lively way to recharge the "batteries" of a struggling railway!

  3. How wonderful!!! Such a grand idea.

  4. Debbie, Shungo invited me to participate but did not mention a theme or the stamp! thanks for the info...I hope they can use at least one of my cards.

  5. @Carole, I saw your submissions and thought they were perfect. As Shungo's guest, you needn't worry about the stamp.

  6. Love the idea. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a lovely idea! Wishing lots of success with it.

  8. Hi Debbie,

    I painted one etegami and sent it, because I read Syungo's blog. So mine would go to Jyousin Tetsudo. I'm so excited. I never seen the train. This is absolutly fantastic idea!

  9. @Hani Hani, that's great. Actually quite a few people sent in etegami after reading this post, so the people planning this event are going to be very surprised how international this year's Etegami Train is going to be. :)

  10. What a lovely idea! I would love to have the chance to ride that train. Debbie, you are always an inspiration.