Friday, December 2, 2011

etegami t-shirt for earthquake relief

Some of you know that I have been accepting requests for custom-designed etegami t-shirts, but I want to make a special appeal for this particular tee. The image on the tee shows carp windsocks (koinobori) fluttering in the wind. You may remember it from my Earthquake series of Etegami. The Japanese writing can be translated "We're in this Together" or "We're all Connected."

Koinobori are associated with the Children's Day holiday in May. Net profit from sales of this t-shirt will go to support the relocation of families who suffered in the 3.11 disaster, particularly families with small children. The tee comes in many sizes, styles, and price-ranges. It can be customized and purchased from this site and will ship directly to you. Consider buying one for yourself or a loved one for Christmas.


  1. I always say "I will buy something" and never do. As we are moving I still don't have the time but I will, I will...

  2. Oh I love this. I think I need one!