Monday, August 7, 2017

request for input and a give-away!!!!!!

I'm thinking of making a limited edition Stamp People desk calendar for 2018, and I need your help in choosing the images to go into it. Please link to my portfolio on RedBubble and choose your TEN favorite Stamp People images. Then list them in order of your preference in a comment below. Name them by the words in the title brackets (baby, cyclist, Lincoln, etc). This would be an ENORMOUS help. THANK YOU. (I also have some as-yet unpublicized images I plan to include, so the final selection will include some surprises.)

In appreciation for your help, I will put the names of everyone who leaves a comment into a deep bag and randomly pick out one name to receive a free Stamp People desk calendar by the end of this year.


  1. Okay, sooo hard to pick as I really love the,m ALL! but here goes ...
    1. O'Neill
    2. Postman
    3. King & Queen
    4. Flying Cyclist
    5. Font Lover
    6. Philosopher
    7. Churchill
    8. Bach
    9. Snail mail
    10. Writer

    2 & 3 are interchangeable for me? Wonderful work Debbie! ♥

  2. 1. W. Churchill
    2. A. Durer
    3.J. Muir
    4. The sign Linguist
    5. The Poet
    6. The Chicken Lady
    7. Mr Postman
    8. O'Neill
    9. D. Thoreau
    10. J.S. Bach

    1. I'm so happy to get your list! It will help me a lot.

  3. They really are difficult to choose between!
    If I had to, I would say...
    1. Flying Cyclist
    2. When you sparkle, the world sparkles with you
    3. John Miur
    4. King and Queen
    5. The chicken lady
    6. Albert Einstein
    7. Abraham Lincoln
    8. The baby
    9. Hisoko Maejima
    10. Hermes

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time, Joanne. This is great feedback!

  4. So difficult to choose but here are my 10:

    The Poet
    The Writer
    John Muir
    Font Lover
    Bozena Nemcova
    Albrecht Durer
    Sign Linguist

  5. Like them all! 10 Favorites are:

    Font lover
    Sign Lingquist
    King and Queen
    Flying Cyclist
    Chicken Lady
    John Muir

  6. What a wonderful project. I can't put it in order, how can you? Here are my favorites:

    Enjoy creating!

    1. Thank you, Anna! Yes, it's going to be hard to choose, but your feedback will help me a lot.

  7. Hard to choose- but here's my list:
    1. Mr. Postman
    2. Bach
    3. Churchill
    4. Chicken Lady
    5. When you Sparkle
    6. Flying cyclist
    7. Albrecht Durer
    8. The writer
    9. O'Neill
    10. king & queen

    1. I'm so glad to get your list! Thanks for taking the time. oxox

  8. I love them all and it is very difficult to choose but I tried and here is the result. The numbers refer to the mountains. 1.Abraham Lincoln ( New Year resolutions) 2.King & Queen (Valentine`s Day ) 3.Johann Sebastian Bach ( good for Easter, however this is moveable fesst) 4.Eugene O`Neil 5.The poet (for me it`s the poetry month) 6.The Chicken Lady 7.John Muir 8.The flying Cyclist 9.The Sign Linguistic (International day of Deaf is celebrated in September) 10.Albert Durer 11. Albert Einstein 12. The Baby

    1. Kasia, thank you for your input! Your idea of matching them with particular months is brilliant!