Sunday, March 5, 2017

if you look really hard

Our part of Hokkaido is still covered in a white, white, white blanket of  snow. By early April, the snow will have melted enough to make out buds of crocuses and butterbur peeking out through the thinning crust. But for now, there is no sign of anything green, anything growing, anywhere.

Wait! Wait a minute. I take that back. Look real hard. Reeeeeaaaaaal hard. Are those buds I see on the otherwise dead-looking and utterly bare branches of the bushes, half-buried in snow, at the very back of the garden furthest from the window?


  1. Indeed, you have to look really hard by almost crawling, like a hungry caterpillar, up the branches watching out for a bit of spring green.

  2. lovely etegami - I think our spring is definitely more advanced than yours!

  3. Just saw some buds here in Minnesota a couple of days ago -- promise of spring!