Monday, April 25, 2016

fun with frames

Usually I approve of the simplest of frames for displaying etegami. Paper board covered in washi, with elastic stretched across the four corners to hold the etegami in place. Or maybe a very simple woven bamboo frame (flattish bamboo baskets make great etegami frames).

But sometimes I decorate store-bought wood frames, like the one in the photo at the top, especially when I have a specific etegami in mind. All I did was draw cat paws on the white frame with a permanent black marker. Then I recycled an old-ish but well-loved cat etegami to fit the frame's small-ish 9cm x 9cm dimensions.

Other times, I decorate with a season or mood in mind, trusting that the resulting frames will work with etegami that I have yet to create. I decorated the two box frames in the second photo by affixing shapes cut from hand-dyed washi using store-bought hole punchers.

Do you make original frames to go with your original art? If so, maybe you wouldn't mind sharing some of your favorite techniques and materials with me.


  1. Sometimes I buy garage sale frames and they inspire the art that I create to go inside. Sometimes I paint the frames, but usually going with whatever the frame is in the first place. I like what you've done with these.

  2. I love the 'weapon of mouse destruction!' Lovely frames too. I often use 2nd hand frames just as they are, but once I used the same pretty paper both to cover the frame and then in a collage that I put in the frame.