Monday, August 3, 2015

save the date (2)

You may remember my post last fall about save the date cards --a concept that was new to me at the time. I had been asked to design a set of cards for a couple who were planning a vow-renewal ceremony (another concept that was new to me).

I knew they loved coffee, but hadn't realized the extent of that passion. As it turned out, they were rather keen for me to use a coffee theme in my design, and asked me to try to include the phrase "all you need is love & another cup of coffee."

It's been almost a year since I designed their cards. They were professionally printed and sent off a couple months ago,  and the event itself will soon take place. Now I can post the images without fear of ruining the surprise for those invited to the event. May they enjoy many, many more years of the love and commitment that led to this celebration, and I thank them for letting me play this small part in it.


  1. What a fun and original invitation card!

  2. Energetic and light, both designs. Much enjoyed! (Now to go pour myself a cup of coffee)

  3. I prefer tea, but to each their own :) Now I think I'll spend some time looking at your recipes from the last post.

  4. Great design; only a few colours : that makes it strong !
    Really beautiful !