Monday, July 14, 2014

fox in the snow

This is another etegami from my Fox series. I was looking up the lyrics to a heart-breaking Japanese love song that I remembered from my youth, and discovered the song is originally in French! Since many of my etegami friends are French speakers, I decided to use the original French words on this etegami. I hope I wrote them correctly...

Here's an English translation:
The snow is falling
You won't come tonight
The snow is falling
And my heart is dressed in black


  1. Tres jolie! (And perfect for 14th July, Bastille Day!) ♥

  2. And the original song writer is called Salvatore Adamo and is from Belgium but used to be very popular in France in the 60s (still alive).

  3. Adamo is Italian, living in Belgium, still very popular here too.
    What a beautiful etegami ! Great colours !
    I'm curious about the song in Japanese. Is it somewhere on internet where we can hear it ?

    1. Lieve, here is a link to the version sung by a popular singer named Ozaki Kiyohiko (He is no longer living).

  4. I really like this - and it looks so much more stylish written in French, somehow.