Friday, October 18, 2013

hug relay

Joy and humble gratitude. Yesterday I had ANOTHER visitor, the second this week, and the third in the last ten days! This is a record breaker for me. The best thing was she brought me three hugs. Count them: THREE. One was from her, and the other two hugs were relayed through her to me from two dear friends who live far away. Plus she brought me some fragrant and perfectly ripe bartlett pears... So, of course, I painted them.

I think something must be wrong with my scanner. Lately, my white cards look gray or brownish when I scan them. Is there a simple solution to this? Or do I need a new scanner?


  1. Aw how wonderful Debbie. Here's another hug for you too!

  2. I love Pears! (They look fine to me..) Isn't is a joy to meet friends and share a real hug! I am sending you one too!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. How lovely to create such a poetic moment from a real-life encounter.

    Sorry you're having scanner issues. My white backgrounds always scan a bit grey, so I go into Photoshop Levels, and click the highlight eyedropper on the background to set them as white. A little hassle, but it's consistent...

  4. I love pears, too. And here's a hug from me! :)