Thursday, April 25, 2013

guest post on my paisley world

LuAnn of My Paisley World honored me this week with an interview about Etegami. I hope you will take a look at it.  Though there's a mountain of information about etegami in my own blog, it is scattered over years and years of posts, thus sometimes hard to find. So I truly appreciate getting the chance to summarize the basic points in interviews like this one.

Below are links to a few earlier interviews, each emphasizing slightly different aspects of etegami, depending on the readership of the site that invited me. As I try to share about etegami to different audiences, even I am surprised by the multifaceted nature of Etegami.

Beads of Clay : "Virtues in Miniature"
Jojoebi Designs blog : "New Skills Festival"
Expat + Harem; the Global Niche:  "Etegami as a Bridge"
The Nihon Sun: "Etegami and the Civic Spirit"

There are many other links I wish I could list, but I can just imagine your eyes glazing over, so I'll quit here.


  1. I visited with great pleasure My Paisley World and will come back for more reading with the links.

  2. Pretty, pretty flowers. Congrats on your interview! You deserve it and thanks for the links.

  3. Debbie - It was my pleasure to "meet" you and learn about your very special art! Though we are oceans apart, I know I've made a friend. Thank you for the time you took and for sharing your talent with My Paisley World!