Thursday, January 24, 2013

valentine give-away

Who would like an etegami Valentine card from me? I have three originals to give away, one each to three followers of my blog who have never gotten an etegami from me before. Leave a comment below and be ready to send your postal address to dosankodebbie (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) jp if your name gets picked. Deadline to enter the drawing is February 3.

And for everyone else, send me a Valentine (store-bought is acceptable) before February 14, and I will send you an etegami Valentine card in return, as long as your address is clearly indicated on the card or envelope. My postal address is in the header of my mailart gallery blog.


  1. Can I just say, I have had more fun this past week exploring all of your websites for the first time. I actually went back and viewed every post on this site specifically. Soaking in the idea of Etegami. I am hooked. Thank you for being such an enthusiastic blogger and artist.

  2. :) I just shared photos from my 3rd grader's first attempt at Etegami style painting. I have refered people to your blog for more info. I hope that is ok.

  3. I'd be thrilled to win anything from you, even a scribble on a paper towel!

    I miss enchanging mail art. I wonder what has happened to all my free time?

    Count me in please♥

  4. Getting a genuine etagami from you would be awesome & if I'm not one of the winners, I'll be sure to send you a Valentine (but it might be store bought) just so I can see one in real life. =D Love your blog and your newsletter.

  5. Debbie, you better sit next to your mailbox, because our Valentine card is on its way to you.:-)
    Paula & daughter

  6. Happy Valentine's Day (a bit early I know)! Thank you for another generous and lovely (pun-intended) giveaway!

    Reading your post also reminds me that I need to go to the Post Office soon. Every year, France has special heart-shaped stamps for Valentine's Day--perfect for sharing a little love :-)

  7. I'd love to win an etegami Valentine's Day! I love the etegami I bought from your etsy website last month. I was the one who bought the "Our Daily Rice" etegami. : )

    1. I'm so glad you like it, May. Thanks for the comment. :)

  8. Me, me, me!!! Pretty please, of course :)

  9. I too, would love to receive a Valentine etagami from you! After recently discovering your blog, it has inspired me to try this lovely form of art. Many 'hearts to you' on Valentine's Day. Carol B.

  10. Such a joy to visit your pages, as always...

  11. Oh my, Debbie, I've got something even better! What a great surprise and what a lovely card!!!!! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!
    I've had a big pleasure sewing "the house of debbie" and sending it as a surprise to you, but now I'm even happier :)
    Feels good to own such a stove at home, it's pretty!
    Thank you!