Tuesday, April 13, 2010

tomato etegami exhibit

Artists from top to bottom (left to right):
Yun (France), dosankodebbie (Japan)
Suzanne Duchamp (France), dosankodebbie (Japan),
Marianne Attanasio (France), Anne Frédérique Ferret (France),
Eric Nusbaum (USA), Anne Frédérique Ferret (France),
MF Prigent (France), Yun (France),
Yun (France), Nancy Scali (USA),
Michiko Shimizu (Japan), Nancy Scali (USA),
dosankodebbie (Japan), Nancy Scali (USA)
dosankodebbie (Japan), Youko Ogawa (Japan)

My deep appreciation to each person who submitted artwork to the Tomato Etegami Call. By this time you should all have received your gift packet of blank washi postcards. Let me know if your packet hasn't arrived. Also, please let me know if you submitted a card before April 1 that isn't exhibited here. If it arrives late, I will add it to this post.

Though the Tomato Etegami call is now closed, the Food/Recipe Mailart Call will continue till February 2011. I welcome your submissions to that call and will display them on the mailart gallery blog at http://mailartgallery.blogspot.com. I also welcome non-food-themed mailart.

Leave comments and questions about the Tomato Etegami exhibit below. I will be referring to the exhibit in upcoming posts as we continue to discuss what makes etegami different from other kinds of mailart.


  1. Gorgeous! It must be like Christmas every day when the mailman delivers at your house!

  2. Yes, mail delivery is the highlight of each day. I'm utterly devastated when no new mailart arrives. But fortunately, that's not very often.

  3. The tomatoes are making me hungry!

  4. jolie petite collection.... et ces tomates me mettent l'eau à la bouche! vivement l'été!
    anne frederique ferret

  5. Me too, Linda!
    Je vous remercie pour vos cartes, Anne!

  6. Many thanks for sharing the lovely exhibition of your tomatoes etegami Debbie! Thank you also for the idea of giving us the chance to test the washi card .... by the way I haven't received the second lot of gift packet. Will wait till end of this month and tell you later. Have a great day!

  7. Yun, thank you for submitting your wonderful artwork. I was only able to send one packet of sample cards per person (not per card), so I'm afraid you get only one packet for this give-away. I'm sorry if I didn't make that clear on my blog. Maybe there will be another chance in the future. I can't afford to send any more right now. :(

  8. It's OK Debbie! I've found the right japanese paper of 45 gr. but have glue it on a thicker support everytime! It's real fun to have participated in your tomato call!

  9. Marie Françoise PrigentApril 16, 2010 at 4:18 AM

    J'Ai exposition this adoré de tomates!
    Also Merci pour les cartes vierges Que J'Ai Reçues Bien. A bientôt verser d'Défis Autres.
    Françoise Marie Prigent

  10. Je vous remercie pour votre carte, Marie Françoise!