Friday, July 20, 2012

fan-shaped etegami

Blueberries with a Robert Frost quote

Banana with a Groucho Marx quote

Ayu (sweetfish trout) with a haiku by Buson
I painted these etegami on fan-shaped washi cards and inserted them into "frames" that I made by gluing pretty paper onto stiff, rectangular cards cut out of file folders or cookie boxes.

These etegami could be removed from the frames and replaced with other  etegami in the same shape. You could use one frame for a whole pack of fan-shaped etegami if you made the frame a neutral color. Then you could change the etegami once a month, or at least once a season. What do you think?


  1. Hi,

    These are great. I especially like the one with the blueberries and the Frost quote. It reminds me of childhood and picking blueberries on sunny summer days with my sisters and grandmother.

  2. Well, you COULD swap them out if the frames were neutral, but what fun would that be? These are beautiful and so well coordinated within their frames. I love the shapes. I think I would love the chaos if the frames were collage too.

    1. Collaged frames! Now that's a stimulating thought....

  3. I think it is very clever! They are all quite beautiful, and I love the fan shape. Just wonderful!!

  4. Super idea Debbie! Love these!!

  5. This is very beautiful! and using up-cycled material? Wonderful!!

  6. Very inventive! When I first glanced at them I thought they'd make amazing yogurt packaging-- then I realized fish & fruit fly flavor probably wouldn't go over very well, ha!

  7. What a wonderful format twist...and so lovely with the shapes you've painted on them. So creative!