Sunday, November 13, 2011

illustration friday (silent #2)

Here are two more from the Holiday Daruma Series, which I introduced in the Halloween post. In addition to the two etegami posted here, yesterday I finally finished the Christmas etegami I plan to send out this winter to my closest friends and family. It also features a daruma doll. I don't want to spoil the surprise for them, so that one remains secret for now. : )


  1. The suspense! :D
    Debbie when you say you are sending the chosen card out to all, will you be reproducing it?, I would like to send one also but can't face doing so many original cards. Can a photocopier work well enough?

  2. Yes, @Carole, I will be reproducing it. Until this year, I always copied the chosen design onto blank postcards using my printer/scanner machine. But this year I'm having them done for me.

  3. Strangely expressive fellows! :) <3