Saturday, August 26, 2017

stamp people desk calendar (and give-away results!)

The Stamp People desk calendar is now listed on my Etsy shop. Details are HERE. Thank you for your encouragement and feedback in the long process of making and selecting the stamp people who went into the calendar.

Joanne Tomooka is the lucky winner of the give-away, and will get a free Stamp People Desk Calendar at the end of November. Congratulations, Joanne!

While the desk calendar can be ordered from Etsy, the Wall Calendar version is available on my Red Bubble shop. It features a slightly different selection of Stamp People on gorgeous, silky-to-the-touch paper stock. Unlike the desk calendar, which will be listed only until November 10, the wall calendar will be a permanent addition to my calendar series and can be ordered any month of the year, any year. You just have to be careful to set it to the right year and starting month before you put it into your cart.

Yes, I know it's still August! But winter comes early and stays long in Hokkaido, so we are already busy preparing ourselves and our homes to successfully endure the hardest 5~6 months of the year. Makes you want to move here right away, right?! Well, come for a visit at least. Really.

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