Saturday, September 13, 2014

save the date

I was recently commissioned to design an etegami-style save-the-date card, which was a totally new experience for me, because I'd never heard of such cards, nor of the custom of sending such cards. So I did a search on Etsy, and was astounded by the number of shops that offer card designs for this very purpose.

I floundered a bit, and finally came up with the design in the photo above. Then I floundered a bit more, until I came to a better understanding of the concept of save-the-date cards, and a better grasp of what my clients were looking for.  I can't show you the design that won their hearts just yet. That one will remain a secret until their special event is over.

My world got just a little bit bigger and I'm wondering how many other greeting card customs there are in the world that I have never known-- customs that could bring Etegami further purpose.


  1. Dear Debbie: Good luck on the new will be interesting to see where this branch will lead. Thanks too for your recent Fox Etagami...(I just returned home to find it among my post). (There was also a real fox, but that's another tale). Looking forward to see the "winning" card soon. A.

    1. Oh! I'm glad you got the card. I wasn't sure which country to send it to. The "event" for which I designed the card is a whole year in the future, so it will be a long wait before I can show it to you (it's actually a series of 3 cards on a common theme for different stages of the event). You might have to remind me. :)

  2. Very cute. I like that the squirrel is hoarding hearts and like your foxes too!

  3. It sounds like your business is expanding. Good.

  4. I've never heard of save the date cards either. I love that design, so appropriate!

  5. It has all gotten complicated. Cute card Debbie.