Friday, August 23, 2013

gravel stones

Inspired by the following lines from Kodoku no Tonari (next door to loneliness) by the late, best-selling Japanese writer, Ayako Miura: Life is as full of material to learn from as a gravel road is full of stones. Not having gone to school is itself something to learn from. So is poverty, a weak constitution, failure, a broken heart, ignorance, prosperity, and adversity. If you have the will to learn from it, anything can be teaching material


  1. Sigh! The quote from Miura Ayako is so very true, and so full of wisdom. My constitution isn't the strongest, but I never really thought of it as being another way to learn.... I have become more empathetic to others as I have become less strong. Empathy for the pain or weakness of others is a very good thing, so I'm pleased about that.
    Your painting is beautiful, I love all the textures/colors. As a girl, I'd collect river rocks in Canada and Alaska (camping trips). Happy memories! MK

  2. You have such a gift to put words into images!

  3. Very nice combination of colour, text and perspective.

  4. I love this image and the quote! So true.
    (Just saw it now as I scrolled through your recent posts.)
    Wilma Luth